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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Murdoch mulls another tilt at BSkyB

Murdoch mulls another tilt at BSkyB

The Evil web of the Dark Lord is extending seeking world Media domination. 

By the time Rupert Murdoch bid for outright control of BSkyB, the
British pay TV company, he had already gone as far as calling in the

Land next to the company's headquarters in Osterley, west
London, was earmarked as the new home of all his British interests. The
newspapers, book publishers and film businesses were all to move to new
premises fit for 5000 people.

''They kept it quiet how far the plans had got, but we were
all ready to go,'' recalls one former BSkyB manager. ''BSkyB had the
single-minded goal of reaching 10 million customers, and we'd basically
done that and they didn't really know what to do next, so this was the
big plan.''

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