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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"I will not let you smear the good people who marched"

"I will not let you smear the good people who marched"

“I will not let you smear the good people who marched”

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The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Blair has a bee in his bonnet about
March in March. Brisbane Lead Organiser for March in March Matthew N.
Donovan responds.

Tim Blair is at it again it seems?

Out of all the issues he could have chosen to cover he once again
chose March in March as the topic for his highly read blog. Why it’s
highly read is anyone’s guess.

I thank him for the spotlight he continues to shine on what was one of the highest turnouts for a protest in many years.

Tim, I take issue with your pathetic childish attempt at an opinion
piece. Allow me to relieve you of your delusions and blind or wilful

A big task. There’s quite a bit to wade through, but I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m fully aware you only have one mode. That’s progressive attack
mode. That’s how you got your job with Rupert and why you keep it.

You serve at Murdoch’s pleasure.

A condemnation of the standard he has for his publications.

Spotting a progressive opinion writer who works for News Corp Australia proves a challenge to even the most news aware among us.

I personally don’t agree with conservatism. You don’t agree with progressivism. That’s fine. We’re all adults.

However, having read some of your writing and hearing you on 2GB with Ben Fordham recently I’m not too sure my last point applies entirely. Something to work on perhaps?

My issue is not with you and your politics. It’s with your
condescending, chest beating, arrogant language and the simplistic
stereotypes you cynically use in your writing.

I’m not sure if you have a restricted vocabulary, a lack of debating
skills or are just plain lazy but you really need to give your writing
more thought.

It’s weak, it lacks depth and it’s tacky. I know you work for Murdoch, but seriously?

March in March was a major success. Not because you acknowledge this fact, but because you don’t.

You have gone after the movement and it’s participants like a pitbull.

I will however not let the likes of you trot out such disgraceful
statements against its participants without asserting my right of reply,
on their behalf.

This movement is grassroots.

Opponents think it is too large, too organised and too vocal to not have some kind of high profile backer or organiser.

I’ll tell you who the sole backer is: the Australian people.

That’s what makes it so powerful and that’s what annoys you about its prominence on social media and online news.

We have major issues with how Tony Abbott is carrying out his job,
his words, his priorities and the sections of society he has chosen to

You see no issue with his agenda.

That’s because you’re a cheer-leading acolyte.

We have a right to tell our government we don’t approve of the job they are doing as did those against previous governments.

Many thinking Australians are embarrassed to have him as our leader
and resent the direction he seems to be pointing our country.

He has no great vision of Australia. Just delusional ideas about some
imaginary hey day of yesteryear. Menzies? Howard? Ahhhh yes! The
“Golden Age”.

Let’s be frank. The Abbott Government is there to hold back the
inevitable march of progress, if only for a short while. All in aid of
helping big business, the well off and vested interests.

He leads an Australia where big business is at the head of the table
and the rest of us are supposed to sit in the corner until the next
election. You seem to abide by that too Tim but we don’t and won’t.

March in March has no agenda to overturn the government. That is
hysteria and further discredits what we’re led to believe is the expert
analysis and opinion in your column.

Were you outraged when conservative supporters said the Gillard
Government wasn’t legitimate? Were you outraged when a few hundred
people rallied in Canberra egged on by Tony’s good mates Gina Rinehart
and Alan Jones? Were you outraged that Tony Abbott, Bronwyn Bishop and
Sophie Mirrabella chose to stand in front of those infamous signs, and
by doing so endorsed them?

Nothing. Silence.

How telling.

I made it clear that participants of March in March Brisbane should
keep signs and chants respectful and civil. All other organisers around
the country did the same as well as our central campaign team.

I agree. Some signs and chants were in bad taste and only served to dumb down the debate in this country.

I’m proud to see I saw none of this in Brisbane.

It is unfortunate that some people become so angry they use confrontational means.

I continue to advocate for a more civil debate based on ideas and what we want for our nation.

I asked many times that attendees respect these wishes but given it
is a grassroots movement some chose to ignore me or were unaware of

Short of physically removing them we can’t avoid this occasionally
happening. It’s annoying and it distracts from the cause but it comes
with the territory.

The main reason I am writing this response is because I will not let
you smear the good people who attended because there are a few attendees
who serve your political agenda to diminish March in March and hope it
goes away.

100,000+ people marched that day. Some were seasoned marchers, some
had never attended a march until now. People from across the spectrum
from the very young to the very elderly. These people aren’t “radicals”.
These people aren’t “Greenies”. These people aren’t what people like
you term “dole bludgers”.

They are caring and concerned thinking Australians.

How dare you shove them into your black and white, “goodies” vs “baddies” worldview!

You did not attend an event. You are in no position to lecture or
demean those who participated and you should be repudiated every time
you attempt to smear these 100,000+ people for the actions of the few.

I also point out how well peaceful our protests were. Not one arrest.
Not one! Not the anarchy and extremism you and your mates at News Corp
Australia like to go on about apoplectically.

We understand why you do it but don’t assume we are blind to what you
are up to and won’t return fire back every time you enter attack mode
with your cheap personal attacks on our movement and its participants.

The chorus of those who are concerned about the Abbott agenda and his way of governing is growing every day.

March in March is growing. Our concerns are genuine. Our passion sincere.

We’re not going anywhere.

Tell Tim you work, contribute to society, care about Australia and
marched peacefully in March. Take a photo holding your message and
email to or tweet to @TimBlairBlog.


Matthew Donovan (pictured) is a former Labor
candidate for the seat of Surfers Paradise in Queensland as well as a
political commentator and freelance journalist. He’s an active Labor
campaigner from Burleigh Branch on the Gold Coast. His interests are
progressive politics, policy development and media/social media
strategy. Matthew’s studied Journalism, International Relations and
History at the University of Southern Queensland. He plans to study
Political Science in the near future.

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