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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Please Leave My Aunty Alone Mr Murdoch

Please Leave My Aunty Alone Mr Murdoch

Great Article by John Lord
This statement by ABC Managing Director Mark Scott pretty much sums it up:
“We have come under concentrated attack from News Corp,” he said. “Some aspects seem quite obsessed by us and I think there are some who have an ideological opposition to public broadcasting. I think there are some who think they would make more money if the ABC wasn’t what it is today.”

"There are three areas of motive. The competition motive. The power motive or the ideological motive. One or all could be at play here but because Murdoch spends $25 million annually to prop up The Australian I think I will settle on a mixture of all three.
It is not often we see two entities, a government and a commercial news outlet the size of News Corp, combine to manufacture a reason for the demise of a government independent body."

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