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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simple as ABC: Murdoch out to crush competition

Simple as ABC: Murdoch out to crush competition

Murdoch is the scourge of Journalism and democracy worldwide
A man  with no moral compass and evil scheming mind..

"Murdoch meanwhile is utterly transparent in his motivations. The ABC is a competitor, one funded by the public treasury and thus not amenable to being brutalised by market power in the same way as smaller, weaker challengers, be they businesses like Fairfax or even widely unread individual bloggers who make The Australian’s highly paid economics writers look like idiots.
In the end it would not matter if every ABC staffer was sacked and replaced by neo-fascist butt monkeys. As long as Aunty is taking a single dollar in potential profit away from the Murdoch Clan, they will try to destroy it."
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