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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can ‘The Australian’ stoop any lower? « The Australian Independent Media Network

Can ‘The Australian’ stoop any lower? « The Australian Independent Media Network

Can ‘The Australian’ stoop any lower?

The AustralianProphetically, on the morning of his budget address Joe Hockey admitted to journalists that This’ll be an easy budget to criticise”.
And it certainly has copped a fair share, and deservedly so, because in
a nutshell, most Australians are going to hurt where it hurts most. The

Most Australian simply can’t afford to take a hit on the pocket.
Among them the age pensioners, the unemployed, low-income earners,
people with a disability, carers, Indigenous Australians . . . the list
goes on.

The budget has not only delivered a hit on the pocket but also a kick
in the guts. A kick in the guts to those Australians desperate for

In response the public outrage has been overwhelming. As a political
watcher of some years I have never witnessed such emotion. With the
advance  of social media and the subsequent access to information it
brings, the gut-wrenching stories of the struggles of the poor have
flooded into the public discourse. I wonder how they survive now. I
wonder how they’ll survive tomorrow. I wonder why a government would
wish to make their daily existence even more miserable.

Yes, Joe, it is an easy budget to criticise. You knew that your
budget would make millions of peoples’ lives more appalling. You deserve
the criticism.

But some of your friends at The Australian see it differently. From yesterday’s editorial came this disgraceful piece of filth:

Joe Hockey’s first budget has
brought out the whiners and whingers, the grifters and grumblers, the
loonies and looters. The culture of complaint is alive and well in our
noisy democracy, with myriad platforms available to those who want to
participate in an orgy of angst or add to a bonfire of miseries. It is
pretty puerile stuff and Bill Shorten’s budget-in-reply speech last
night sits comfortably within this immature, facile political debate.

What a display of absolute contempt for the needy, the poor, or the
disadvantaged. And such blatant disregard – bordering on mockery – for
their desperation.

There are an estimated two million Australians
living below the poverty line but I’m speculating that means absolutely
nothing to you. You so rightly point at that they’re not really people
worth worrying about, they’re just the ‘whiners and whingers, the grifters and grumblers, the loonies and looters
of our country. How dare they complain that they can’t afford an extra
$7 to go to the doctor. How dare they complain that prescriptions become
unaffordable if they are slugged another $5. How dare they complain if
they can’t buy new shoes for the kids. How dare they complain that they
will have no hope of survival without income support if they lose their
job. How dare they openly express outrage that this devastatingly cruel
government is going to destroy their miserable lives.

To whoever wrote that opinion piece, I am the opposite to you. You may think that the budget has brought out the  ‘whiners and whingers, the grifters and grumblers, the loonies and looters‘,
but in my opinion you have shown that the budget has brought out the
lowest dregs of our society: people such as yourself. That you could
make such a statement – or even think in such a manner – places you at
the very bottom of the cesspool that has become of the favoured habitat
of Murdoch journalists.

You are a disgrace. You are a pathetic individual. Can The Australian
stoop any lower than the level you’ve sunk it to with what must be the
most vile opinion piece from what was once (so long ago) a respected

God help those unfortunate Australians who have had the heart and
guts ripped out of them by the government, and God help those
Australians who are moronic enough to be influenced by the nasty filth
you offer them. Ironically, it is fortunate that their are more
desperate Australians than there are desperate readers of  The Australian.

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