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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Murdochracy « The Australian Independent Media Network

The Murdochracy « The Australian Independent Media Network

The Murdochracy

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Nicole Clark looks at that propaganda machine – the Murdoch media (‘affectionately’ known of late as the Murdochracy) – and how it is determined to discredit climate science.

We are fighting a war on Climate Change in Australia, we are fighting
a war against the strong scientific inference of climate change. It is a
sad fact, that the absolute significance to changes in the earth’s
climatic cycles are not acknowledged to the broader society.

Transnational media has been allowed to access false information on
false pretences to formally and informally describe scientific consensus
that is neither true nor conclusive. We are living in an age where it
is these pretences that lead to the revulsions in public discourse. They
perpetuate evidence to the people that anthropogenic climate change
does not exist. We can attribute the gradual process of capitalist
change to be an overt perversion of scientific reverence. Intelligent
and scientifically minded individuals resist in vain, for the
conservative social stance is both triumphant and celebrated, but why?

We can look to these clues with changes in social discourse, by
examining the News Limited media. By examining News Limited we can
incorporate a corporate capitalist phenomena, where an innate power for
financial profit has lead to a democratic override, and the winner takes
all. We are living in a time where neither a strong evidential basis
nor bi-partisan approach will evoke change significant to stop the
transgression of the multi-faceted 70% power distributed, Murdoch media.
The shocking reverence of the situation is this: what you read, what
you see and what you hear is all a representation of interpretivist
opinion backed up by sceptics and conglomerate news bodies who seek to
mandate public discourse – without true mass media approaches. These
approaches are misrepresentations of facts and figures and bias which
divulge the ever condensing incorrect views of climate change. These
revered and conversely public trusted tabloids are the ones that are
perverting the social justice. The very same justice that leads to the
dilution and unstructured social opinion that not only persuades but
integrates societal ‘know how’.

For those who are aware, this is what we know: it is not just the
configuration of society that controls these aspects, and the
dissertation of opinion underlying strong scientific background- as well
as the complete and utter reverence that science can and should uphold.
It is also something else; it is the greater understanding of complex
concepts that are not transcribed in a proper ‘user friendly’ way or if
transcribed at all. It is the external factor, the foundations of
knowledge and the complexity of interpreting this knowledge to the
people. I suspect the underlying consideration that we must address is
the ‘denial’ and current ignorance that surrounds corporate body
structures such as News Limited and the current Liberal Government and
one Tony Abbott and their stakeholders. We can only deduce from
these observations, a conformist acquisition, one, where media owned
adversaries seek to ignore the evidence of climate change science for,
their own initiatives for the favouring of their own financial gain.

For this idea to uphold, we must take into consideration the
influence that transnational media can and does have on the wider public
opinion. We must transgress this idea further, and consider the
elements of . . . dare I say it . . . propaganda. Yes, propaganda!
Consider this: it is not without thought that we go so far as to say,
political factions of propaganda are truly evident in mass media.

Propaganda, whilst alluding the attitudes of political opinion also
eludes the values and emotional upheaval of individual opinion; take for
instance Adolf Hitler’s approach. As far as we know, we can see these
attitudes transgress to the audience through the author’s personal
epitomes and consumerist views. That is, through short worded slogans
and repeated headlines that seek to optimize emotional and social
relevance- often termed invoking the climate of fear, for example
‘Climate change not caused by humans” and “With Climate scientists like
this no wonder we doubt”. A tactic that invokes contextual wording to
interpret things that tug at fear and make people go ‘wow’, ‘The media
doesn’t agree with experts why?’ But, does this transgress (mass media
approach) to influence and persuade individual opinion? Does this really
pervert public discourse?

YES and here’s why. We have only to examine the structure of
hierarchy in Australian society, to exude confidence that indeed
capitalist opinion has strongly and forthright berated the notion of
climate change science. How, you ask? By decreeing the factual
publication that follows it, in exchange for the more effervescent
emotionally charged ‘writing on the wall’ and these short worded slogans
are the misperceptions that invoke the general climate of fear. The
wall has become no longer responsible for initiating freethinking
thought or providing factual and progressive knowledge for adequate
exploration of external stimuli, that is, exploration that provokes
progressions in critical thinking before one accepts new knowledge. In
place we have this wall, a safe cove r- a mask if you will, one that
seeks to perversely calm and elude individuals away from real danger,
pushing an agenda that ignores the kind of investigative thought that
brought about the uprise of modern society, modern economy and
scientific progression.

Indeed News Limited has exceeded these prospects, and further
constructed a consumerist approach that not only constrains the
individual, but also eludes them to the incorrect information that will
eventually decimate social, emotional, environmental and
political/democratic structure. News Limited will elude their audience
to a point of no return in which case, we will see more than a group of
troubled individuals with no free thought -but a group of troubled
individuals that will vote according to these allusions that have
propagated in their mass media world. The result you ask? Well, it’s a
group of right winged zombies who neither understand nor amend their
thought as to why they voted in such a contentious (conservative) way.

For all to see, News Limited got their wish, for the first time,
democracy has failed and for the first time, transnational media came,
crushed, killed and decimated an audience of free thinkers. News Limited
poisoned their right to execute free thought or one that would favour
their way of life. For the first time ever we see ‘tradies’, ‘parents’,
’single mothers ‘, ‘pensioners’ and ‘low-income earners’, vote against
subsequent benefits that aim to target the particular struggle their
respective bracket represents. What has Murdoch Media done? They have
allowed Tony Abbot and his pack of liberal dogs to come forth for the
kill and bring about the inevitable crumble of social justice. The
Murdochcracy has created a new breed in society, once and for all-this
new breed has gone against their own rights, their own free will and
their best interests at heart- for favour of liberal conservative
factions that aim to destroy the very things they are voting against . .
. sound familiar? So, the political factions that were once opposition
(for good reason), are thrust into power and News Limited epitomise
these views with each passing day, so now, for the first time ever – a
corporate capitalist structure has finally decomposed the walls of
democracy and laid foundations of misadventure to the democratic right
of the people.

That is right – you heard that right! News Limited has succeeded in
diluting the values of free thought, transgressing ignorance and
interpretivist views that assist with the consumerist/conservative
approach to financial gain. One that is not in the best interest of
social discourse, the best interests of the people and… not in the best
interest of scientific reverence. So . . . the bottom line – all of this
is not in the best interest for exposing the truth of Australia’s
Changing Climate and the struggles that are yet to come. Is it
propaganda? Has the Marino Wool from our jackets been pulled over our
eyes? Australia’s climate is changing, so why has News Limited and it’s
Murdochcracy been allowed to decide our fate?

*Author’s note-when I say ‘climate change’ I am referring to
‘anthropogenic (human induced) climate change; therefore, the sceptics
view is: denial of ‘human induced climate change’.

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